The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Good things today: 

My sweet friend Lori made me lunch. Corn chowder, cornbread, bacon wrapped chestnuts (have you ever had a bacon wrapped chestnut??? Holy crap. It’s an experience I would like to repeat very soon. Like maybe right now.), red velvet cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and white chocolate cranberry cookies. I was cold and it warmed me from the inside out instantly. 

My calendar at work is more like a placemat.

I got mermaid mail from my sweet friend Donna. She shouldn’t have. But look who is right at home: 

The Goonies is on. I do love me some Goonies. 

Bad things:

We had waterline woes at work today. It was all I could do not to bang my head against my desk. On second thought, maybe I did. My forehead is a little sore. 

I got home and started making dinner- boiling potatoes for mashed taters and decided to turn my crock pot back on to warm. I peek in and notice that things don’t look just right. I raise the lid, give the pork chops a poke, and realize I never turned it on. I guess in my rush this morning I left out a crucial step. This made me crazy mad, as I had purposely pulled out my oldest crockpot for the express reason it cooks the slowest and I didn’t want them to get overdone and dried out. I’ve not got one of those fancy ones on a timer. I now have three ruined pork chops and a pot full of potatoes going so it’s too late to go out and pick something up. I’m committed. So we had garlic mashed potatoes, crab cakes, rosemary parmesan rolls, and broccoli. It was fine. But I’m still mad. I hate to waste food. This is why I should start subsiding on wine and Reese cups again.

Hobby Lobby was out of everything I wanted. I don’t know what I wanted exactly, but I know they didn’t have it.

It’s already 9:22 and I haven’t written the first word of my blog for the day. I’m three days behind. I don’t think it’s three days in order, either. And I haven’t cracked my book. 

I have had the following songs stuck in my head all day: #1) Umbrella by Rhianna, #2) oooo-ooo I’m a rebel just for kicks yeah {I don’t know the name but that’s how it goes} and there was another one but of course it evades me now. 

In going to bed. Here’s to a better day tomorrow. 

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