Welcome Home

Hey y’all! I’m absolutely tickled to death y’all are here. Please make yourself right at home and click through. Hopefully everything is where it’s supposed to be…but I’m not making any promises just yet. It takes a village to raise a blog, turns out. However, here’s a pretty magnolia for your trouble.

   My stepdad took that gorgeous picture of the Smokies you see at the top of every page, and my dear, sweet, lovely, and talented cousin made that logo with the peonies and my monogram at the bottom. An Air Force Colonel is to thank for giving me the final push, after years of begging and pleading from several close friends and family members. And one virtual stranger who works for 911 magazine that found me on Facebook! I’ve even enlisted the help of this guy I went to school with to help me! I’m telling you, getting this blog off the ground (and I ain’t flying yet, I’m just hopping around hopefully) has been an exercise in my religion and patience. But it’s been worthwhile already.

Thanks for encouraging me in my endeavor. Don’t rush off and I hope you come back real soon.