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Monthly Archives: June 2017

No. 38

‚ÄčI’ve learned a few truths in my 38 years on this spinning blue-green rock.  When you’re little, you spend your money on toys and candy. In your teens, you spend it to impress the object of your desires, on clothes and other frivolities. In your twenties, you’re driven by alcohol, teetering stilettos, and fast cars. You’ll live in a hovel to have a nice vehicle and clubbing necessities.  (Obviously, some of us have a hard time letting the fruity fun drinks go…) The thirties, I’ve found, are for upkeep: home repairs, wrinkle creams, and inspecting what else needs fixing. Massages, hair coloring, and pedicures are vital upkeep to your aging body. In your youth, you are driven by the need for attention. If someone repeatedly rejects you, you learn to survive without them and if they make an appearance later in your life, you resent their presence.  You’ve learned to be independent and comfortable in your own skin and need no approval. Be confident. Be assertive. Don’t be scared, be smart. Try to pick a partner who compliments you for more than your beauty, because beauty will fade, guaranteed.  If you want the tattoo, go for it.  If you’re tired, take a nap.  Don’t vacation in the same spot every year. It may feel comfortable, but you’re not learning anything.  Spend…