Cooking Advice

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 

For those of you who are told to bring rolls, or just yourself, be thankful. 

For those of you making cole slaw for the first time, I have advice: reserve one-quarter of the cabbage head in case you screw up & add too much vinegar or salt. Or mayo, but I like mayonnaise, so I don’t see that as a problem. But there ain’t nothin’ nastier than salty cole slaw. 

For those of you making mashed potatoes: make double what you think you’ll need. And add milk sparingly. It’s hard to cook it out if you add too much. Use salt & butter liberally.

For those of you cooking biscuits the secret is prayer. 

It helps to sift your flour, too, but I believe it really it comes down to your relationship with Jesus. 

For those of you cooking turkey: cook your bird upside down. I am not joking. It makes the white meat much juicier. My mom discovered this by accident, but it’s the way she always fixed it thereafter. And me too. 

For all of you, Happy Thanksgiving. May it be relaxing & filling.

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