January Writing Challenge, Day 1


There lies one present under my tree. It is unopened. It belongs to my cousin, and since I don’t see her very often it will probably remain unopened until next year. Does that make me sound cheap? I’ll probably find something else between now and then that I will be unable to resist buying, so no worries. 

I also had to open one of Johnny’s presents today-an audio book i bought by accident instead of the paperback he wanted. But it’s ok, he was still really excited about it. Even after we realized I had bought book 2. I mean, how bad can I screw up a simple gift, I ask you? 

Evidently pretty badly, because it was an MP3 that won’t even play in a CD player so now I have to burn it onto my laptop to put over on a CD. Did I mention it came after Christmas, to beat all? 

Christmas presents sure can be a lot of trouble. 

I also ordered him part one today. So he’s got another present on the way to open. 

Last year I got my mermaid phone cover after Christmas, and it’s been one of those enduring gifts that make me smile every time I see it. Strangers really like it, too. She’s fabulous. 
Anyway. Unopened. I guess that’s what I’ve got for now. I need to go check all the places I’ve ordered from to make sure all his stuff arrived because I’m really not sure. I got carried away internet shopping that Saturday. 

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