In the Fridge

November Writing Challenge Day 29

In the fridge. 

My refrigerator is enormous. That’s good, because I cook a lot. I eat a lot, too. Here it is before Thanksgiving.

 I took a picture to show Taj, because he was all about me marinating my turkey and I’m like, but where am I going to put it after I marinate it? It’s not like Ziploc makes bags that big. And while he was all sealed up I could pile stuff around him. If he was in a pan, well, that ain’t gonna work. 

Yes, that’s a ham and  turkey. 

No, I don’t feed twenty. Just me and Shug and my friend Brenda this year. I don’t know how to cook “small”, I don’t even know what that means. The best part of staying home for Thanksgiving is the leftovers. (And no bra. And the wine. All the wine.) It’s a long story of why we stay home and why family doesn’t come, so I’ll spare you. 

So anyway, today it’s full of leftovers. 

I’m so sick of looking at them, eating them, trying to create recipes…ugh. One more meal and I will freeze what I can and the the dogs will feast. Or gorge. Bug acts like he doesn’t know where to start and Sugar acts like there’s no time to waste. 

I do love me a turkey cranberry croissant sandwich. With cheese. And sweet tater casserole. I cannot get enough. I was deprived of that stuff until my adult life, and I’m making up for lost time. 

But the reserves are dwindling, and for that, I am thankful. I’m making a turkey pot pie tonight. May have to get a little creative. Can you put mashed potatoes in a pot pie? 

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